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St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church (Gilbert, AZ) Podcasts

May 20, 2024

Pentecost and the power of the Holy Spirit

Hello St. Mary Magdalene, 

Did you know that Pentecost reverses what happened in Genesis with the tower of Babel? In that story, mankind tried to ascend on their own and claim what belongs to God alone and, as a result ended disastrously as our languages were now separated and...

Apr 30, 2024

April Updates
Hello St. Mary Magdalene, 
I pray that the joy of this Easter season and the Resurrection of our Lord abides deep in your heart! 
As a follow-up to my February 2, 2024, State of the Parish address (you can find that video here:   
 • State of the Parish Address  
- Video

Apr 20, 2024

Christ the Good Shepherd

Hello St. Mary Magdalene, 

This week at Mass we'll hear the Gospel of the Good Shepherd and what a beautiful thought that Christ is the Good Shepherd who both fights for us and seeks us out in all circumstances! How good God's Love for us truly is. I encourage you to spend some time in...

Apr 20, 2024

Ongoing Joy of Easter

Hello St. Mary Magdalene, 

Alleluia! Christ has risen from the dead in glory! Did you know Easter continues for another 5 weeks! That's right, for 8 weeks total we celebrate the gift of God's victory over sin and death. That also means that Easter is a season, and it's a season that's longer than...

Apr 12, 2024

Divine Mercy Sunday

Hello St. Mary Magdalene, 

Happy celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday. What a wonderful feast for us to celebrate, pray, and contemplate the infinite love and mercy of Jesus Christ poured out for us on Calvary. Sunday is also the conclusion of the Octave of Easter where we stop time for 8 days to...