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St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church (Gilbert, AZ) Podcasts

Sep 4, 2023

The Gift of Eucharistic Adoration

Hello St. Mary Magdalene, 

Thanks for tuning in to this week's video. Also, happy early solemnity of the Assumption! We're so blessed as a parish to have perpetual adoration but we need your help to sustain it! Having regularly committed adorers helps maintain both the safety of Jesus present in the Eucharist and of fellow adorers. It's also a phenomenal way of inviting Jesus into our lives and specifically our burdens so that He can be more apparent to us in our daily life. 

Please commit to this life changing hour by signing up:

If you don't have an account, you can make one for free! 

Also, as we celebrate Mary's Assumption into Heaven may we see a reminder of our ultimate end to be with God forever in eternity! Our Lady Queen of Heaven and Earth and Mother of the Most Holy Eucharist, pray for us! 

God bless, 

Fr. Chris

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