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St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church (Gilbert, AZ) Podcasts

Dec 28, 2022

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! May the birth of our Lord bring you great joy! 

The prayer I read at the end, you'll find the full text below from St. Charles de Foucauld

The Nativity. From Mediations of a hermit: 

"I was born, born for you, born in a cave, in December, in the cold, on a wintry night, in poverty and in solitude, unknown even to the poorest. Why was I born in this way? So that you may believe in my love, since my love for you known no limit. As I have loved you so much, put all your hope in me. I teach you to love me. Loving you with such tender love it was not enough for me to give myself to the world in the Incarnation. Ever since my birth I have shown myself to you and have put myself entirely into your hands. Ever since then you have been able to see me, hold me, hear me, serve me, console me. Love me, love me, for I am close to you. I give myself to you completely. In my great goodness I did not give myself to you just at my birth for a few days or years, but I gave myself into your hands for ever, till the end of time. 

'I became this little child, so gentle and vulnerable, for you. Do not be afraid of me, come, take me in your arms and adore me, cares me as a child loves to be caressed. See, I hold out my arms to you. Be not afraid to caress me, a little tender babe. I am your God, but I am gentle and smiling. Be not afraid, but full of tenderness and love and confidence.'" 

Wow, what beautiful words from St. Charles! Come let us adore Christ the Lord and draw near to Him who draws nears to us! 

Merry Christmas and God bless, 
Fr. Chris

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