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St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church (Gilbert, AZ) Podcasts

Nov 30, 2021

Meet Mary the Mystic Rose apostolate

Hello St. Mary Magdalene,

Have you noticed the flowers in our church? Meet the group that makes that happen! Today I'm joined by Ann Marie Sabbs the coordinator of Mary the Mystic Rose group at St. Mary Magdalene. They arrange, maintain, and replace the flowers in our sanctuary, adoration chapel, and votive statues and they need help! If you'd like to volunteer with them contact or call the parish office. Additionally, you can also donate online or in person by noting "flowers" in the memo/note section.

Finally, have a blessed feast of Christ the King and a happy Thanksgiving! For those traveling, may you go with the peace and protection of Christ and your guardian angels.

God bless,

Fr. Chris

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