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St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church (Gilbert, AZ) Podcasts

Apr 17, 2021

Hello St. Mary Magdalene,

Happy Easter! The glorious Easter season lasts 8 weeks, longer than the 7 weeks of Lent so that we can celebrate the good things God has done and His victory over sin, suffering, evil, and death!

Next, I want to say a huge thank you to our Knights of Columbus and all of our volunteers who helped with last week's pancake breakfast and grill out. It was an amazing time and a gift to be able to enjoy some fellowship together! Thank you sir knights for making that possible!

Finally, you'll notice a few modifications to some of our Communion protocols. These are done in accord with new guidelines and recommendations from the Diocese of Phoenix which works in collaboration with the state and with health officials. We are still be safe, prudent, and responsible, but also working on slowly restoring some of our normal procedures.

Have a blessed Easter, I know I've said this many times but it is truly a joy to be able to celebrate with you again, especially passing these weeks that we were unable to celebrate together last year. Know that you and your families continue to be in my prayers. Please pray for me, our parish, our staff, and one another.

God bless, Fr. Chris

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